Sabbath Meeting

Time 9:30 A.M.
Venue: Matahum, Ramylu Village, Barangay Tangub
The First Bacolod Assembly Building

Baclod assembly Building Sign

inside building inside building front inside building pink inside building blue inside building blue interior outside building outside building side building front entrance outside building side2 front landscaping landscaping

Temporary Assembly Chapel

Temporary chapel Temporary chapel-2 Temporary chapel-3 Temporary chapel-4 Temporary chapel-5 Temporary chapel-6 Temporary chapel-7

Sabbath Meeting

Sabbath Singers Sabbath Lunch Sabbath Meeting

The Construction of the First Bacolod Assembly Building

Demolition Column Footings Sabbath Meeting Problem Flooding Column Footings Pulling a stump Preparing the ground Pouring Footings Cement floor done working setting re-bar setting re-bar-2 setting re-bar-3 Sump Roof forms and re-bar setting re-bar-4 Second floor placing concrete third floor ready                 Insulating 3D panels Earthquake resistant walls Nearing completion